A Matcha in Heaven: Gem + Jane Elderflower Pear

Photo of a Gem + Jane Elderflower Pear cocktail
Elderflower Pear

A Matcha in Heaven: Gem + Jane Elderflower Pear

Recipe By: Rachel Burkons

The Gem and Jane Elderflower Pear has this beautiful floral-fruity sweetness with an undercurrent of vegetal earthiness, so I was immediately drawn to matcha when I tasted it. Matcha tea has a robust umami-driven flavor I love so much, and I knew it would provide a little oppositional backbone to the pretty sweetness the Gem + Jane offers. 

Now that we’re in the official dog days of summer, I knew I wanted to create something bright and refreshing to play with the sweet and savory flavors, so a simple Matcha Soda was a no-brainer. 

There are many ways to work with matcha, but I decided to make an matcha simple syrup that would add both intense flavor and stunning color to my drink, which just so happens to match the green hue of the Gem + Jane can beautifully!

I also love the subtle nuance of pear, and wanted to add a crisp pear slice garnish. You might think a green D’Anjou pear might be a more on-theme choice, but I find those pears are too soft to use as an effective garnish. Find a hard brown Bartlett pear, and cut into slices. From there, you can use cookie cutters to make into fun shapes to use as garnish! I dusted the pear cactus and pineapple with some extra matcha powder before slicing to use as garnish. 

While this drink couldn’t be simpler to make, that’s it’s beauty; when you’ve got great ingredients with structure and balanced flavors, it doesn’t take much! Follow this simple recipe to have your very own matcha soda bar on-hand at all times!

Matcha Soda
(Serves 1)

  • 1 can Gem + Jane Elderflower Pear
  • 2 oz. matcha simple syrup
  • Matcha-dusted  pear garnish


Add ice to a Collins glass; pour 2 oz. simple syrup over ice. Top with one can of Gem + Jane Elderflower Pear and garnish with matcha-dusted pear. 

For the simple syrup: Bring one cup of water to a boil; stir in one cup of sugar until dissolved. Remove from heat. Using a fine-mesh strainer, add 2 tablespoons of matcha powder to the simple syrup. Let cool, then strain again. Store in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks. 

For the garnish: Using a fine-mesh strainer or a sifter, dust a hard pear slice with matcha powder. Use small cookie cutters for fun shapes!